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Kevin Minney
  • was one of 14 United States Bowenwork® Instructors, teaching professionals he also instructs non-professionals in self-care classes
  • has nine years experience as lead therapist for a sports and orthopedic clinic and five years experience in the same capacity with chiropractic clinics
  • taught Pathology for Massage Therapists at Western Institute for Science and Health and led online courses in Anatomy and Physiology
  • has helped people for more than 40 years
  • has trained in a wide range of disciplines including Voila Method, Osteopathic manual therapy, Bowenwork,Cellular Response, Muscle Balance and Function, and Olympic Sports massage
A Note from Kevin:

As a unique individual your needs and structure dictate the format of my treatments. You deserve the gentlest, most effective and economical method available.

Let me help you as I have helped so many others in my forty year career. I will focus on solving your specific problems of pain and injury, acute or chronic while renewing your health, capacity, and enjoyment.

I have developed a powerful synthesis of Voila Method, Bowenwork®, Osteopathy and Energy Work as the mainstay of my care. Even organic issues can be successfully addressed.

Your innate healing capacity can be stimulated and amplified through this powerful, pain-free modality. You can recover from pain and injury problems faster, safer, and more easily.

Let me be your professional partner for wellness.


"I didn't think I could feel this good again. I came to Kevin to relieve acute pain."
Caroline Underwood
Retired Teacher