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Methodology & why it works:

Kevin Minney uses safe precise stimulation of the proprioceptors, the sense organs the body uses for proper movement and balance. Signals go directly into the central processor of the brain for body functions, the neocortex. This addresses the innate healing and correction capacity of the body.

The messages sent to the nervous system support the body in regaining normal movement in joints, muscles, and tendons. Powerful corrective signals are sent throughout the body in response to this stimulation.

Kevin Minney's work bypasses the reactive nerve pathways in the body and reduces the alarm reaction sent along those pathways by the brain. These alarm reactions produce and maintain pain, spasm and inflammation in the body.

In doing this Kevin Minney's work helps restore correct muscle tone in the affected areas of the body with immediate responses of pain reduction, general muscular relaxation, and slower, deeper breathing.

Kevin Minney's work strongly affects the autonomic nervous system, the system responsible for stress reactions such as the "fight or flight" reaction, as well as the recovery responses of the body. As it helps reduce the "stress-oriented" dominance of the sympathetic part of the system, muscle tension decreases, nerve hypersensitivity is reduced and the feedback loops that control acute pain in the body are interrupted. At the same time that happens, the parasympathetic or "recovery" portion is brought back into dominance, increasing blood and lymph flow, feeding starved tissue and reducing inflammation. People can feel shifts in their bodies during and after sessions with Kevin Minney while the their bodies are coming back into balance. As this happens, the healing process can accelerate.

Spasm and inflammation, normally healthy responses immediately after an injury, too often remain long after and become the problem. Kevin Minney can directly relieve these symptoms through reducing sympathetically maintained muscle contraction and congested blood and lymph flow. While there are often immediate positive results, they are just as likely to unfold over a longer period of a few days to a week. Patterns of dysfunction that have arisen over time may take time and repetition to be replaced with new, healthy patterns. Kevin Minney's work can restore patterns of normal function within 2-4 sessions with 3-8 being an ordinary treatment protocol.

This work can be seen as restoring efficient software for the body's computer. If the software is more efficient, the computer works faster and easier, and "crashes" less often. Kevin Minney introduces a carefully calibrated input to the body's computer to facilitate a faster, more effective response to stress, trauma, and injury. This work acts as a dynamic catalyst for healing.

Kevin Minney's work complements and amplifies other healthcare modalities. Though as in computers, too many commands can overwhelm the program that is running, over stimulating the body can distract it from responding fully to its recovery program. This work is best used in a rotation with other modalities.

Kevin Minney's work is an innovative healthcare modality, providing a quick complementary and very effective way to accelerate healing and recovery. Choose Kevin Minney as a professional partner for your journey back to wellness.

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking away the ache that so often accompanies recovery from running marathons. I appreciate the amazing and immediate results from such gentle and subtle moves. I'm very lucky to have your help and support in my life. Without it I would have to endure a high level of pain."
Pam Harlow

"Due to injuries, 2 failed hip surgeries followed by a spinal surgery, I have suffered from debilitating pain for many years. With a small amount of work, Kevin Minney has helped me become pain free. The relief is wonderful! My daily life has improved because I not only feel better, but I have been able to stop taking pain medication. I have gone from being in bed most of the day to being up and around again! In a small amount of time, Kevin has made it possible for me to look forward to each day and how I can spend it."
Shirley Concannon
Healthcare Consultant